Book Marketing 2.0

A few weeks ago I ran a Facebook giveaway for marketing material – images to help authors put some pizzazz in their book marketing efforts. It gotten quite a  response (particularly the later analysis of results), so I thought you’d all appreciate seeing what the fuss is about.

Here are a few different ways in which your book can grab attention, in the endless scrolling of social media walls.

First is Philipp J. Kessler’s Backfire:

Phillip Kessler - Backfire

This just is the animation, but Philipp has a copy with a fiery sound track as well.

Next is Erin Michelle Sky. Though her name didn’t come up in the random draw, she is a wonderful person all around. Her book, The Intuitives, has just been released. So to help her and her co-author Steven Brown in the launch, I made them this:

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Unrelated to the giveaway, I’ve done other animations. When Anaïs Chartschenko relaunched her poetry book Bright Needles, I made this for her:

Bright-Needles - optimised

She is also an incredibly talented musician, so I left the sound track to her. I also helped her with the interior paperback layout – and I think she quite liked the result

And, of course, for my own Murder In Absentia, I have animated the cover itself, to a rather hair-raising effect:


So what do you think? Would seeing such dynamic animations catch your attention? Would it catch the attention of your target audience?

Do you want some for your own books?


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