Happy Saturnalia! A year in review

Saturnalia - two dancers

Happy mid-winter (mid-summer) to all! While northern-hemispherers are stuffing themselves with last harvest’s preserves, and sourthern-hemispherers are chucking another shrimp on the barbie in the languid heat, I thought I’d offer a review of the year that passed and the year to come, at least as it pertains to Felix and his adventures.

I started the year still in first scroll of In Numina – and have now completed it and am in the final editing stages. I thought that after completing the first draft I’d do a couple of short Felix mysteries, but the one I started turned out to be better integrated as part of In Victrix, the next full Felix novel. I did manage to write a new dragon-related flash-fiction, which was published in the Dreamtime Dragons anthology.

Other subjects I covered: another installment in my Sales Model on an Indie Author series, which usually garners a lot of attention; a few Book Reviews, of the better things I read this year; a few memorable book reviews I received for Murder In Absentia, as well as interviews I gave; and random shenanigans like Roman news,  memes and rabid poetry. I probably need to better organise the categories of this blog…


In my spare time (i.e. when I’m procrastinating from writing), I did some promotional materials (and investigated it’s effectiveness). I also helped Anaïs with her paperback layout.

I think after all this I deserve some wine and cake — which will probably end up like Felix here.

Next year I will publish In Numina, and get cracking with In Victrix. Writing will remain my main focus, but I’ll keep providing value with marketing, Roman news, and entertainment.

I’m also thinking of collating my indie sales model & book marketing advice into a non-fiction book, or more likely a course. If you’re interested, I’d love to know!

Lastly, my other blog, the one dedicated to character interviews, will feature a previously unseen interview with Felix on December 31st. I suggest you head over to TheProtagonistSpeaks.com and subscribe (‘follow’ via email) so you don’t miss it.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, here is what happens with enough wine when gladiators properly celebrate Saturnalia. I don’t think I can look away from this gif…


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