Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic

Welcome to Egretia, home of Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic: historical-fantasy-mystery novels for lovers of Ancient Rome, Urban Fantasy, and Murder Mysteries.

Felix is a detective, specialising in the weird. While the world of Egretia borrows heavily on cultural elements from over a thousand years of Roman history, it is mixed with a judicious amount of magic, for a unique and rich fantasy setting.

These novels and free short stories were born out of the dual love for ancient Rome and for hard-boiled detectives. Felix is an irreverent rascal, dealing with the shady elements of society in his efforts to make ends meet. Sometimes, his fast mouth gets him in over his head…

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“Mehr creates a vivid cast and an equally vivid setting in which magic just seems to fit in perfectly.” ★★★★★
Richard A. Knaak, NYT best-selling author of Drangonlance: Legends of Huma

Mehr’s imagined world based on ancient Rome feels at once familiar and dreamlike. ★★★★★
Ruth Downie, author of the NYT best-selling Medicus series of Roman mysteries

“Hardcore Historical Fantasy – Felix the Fox is Sherlock Holmes in Ancient Times” ★★★★★
Jonathan Maas, author of City of Gods – Hellenica