Events are the globe featuring my books and me.

This post appears as part of the “Brain to Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo Fantasy Book Tour”… Running from April 6th through April 8th 2018 this online book event brings readers and authors together for a weekend of books, and book related events. Learn more here G’day, Ave, and welcome 🙂 I am participating […]

As most of you probably already know, Virtual FantasyCon is now live and active on Facebook. I just wanted to draw your attention to a few cool things 🙂 First, though I haven’t published a book in the past year, I still managed to snag a gold award for blogging. It nominally came for The […]

You are here because, in one form or another, you like books. And, unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Amazon. One of Amazon’s ways of getting people who read to read even more, is through their Kindle Unlimited program. This allows you, the reader, to read as many books as […]

This post is part of the Brain-To-Books CyberCon 2017 Fantasy Blog Hop! Welcome to the Historical-Fantasy-Mystery world of Egretia! Allow me to first introduce my stories and then myself. Stick with me, and there’s a giveaway for you 🙂 Murder In Absentia is a story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic. It draws on my three […]

This is promising to be a fun one. For 10 days next February, we are going to celebrate everything to do with mysteries and thrillers. There will be several events spread out and about, so I suggest you save the dates. The main web-site is here: The corresponding Facebook page is: If you’re an author or […]

Murder In Absentia was added to Goodreads’ list for Indie Books Worth the Read. I was going to ask readers of this blog to go vote and push it into the top 10 – but I’m too late… It already is in the top five three!  🙂 However should you have a moment to spare and […]

This post is part of the Virtual Book Fair. Like to know more? Head on to this event on Facebook, or head on to the Virtual Book Fair Home Page. Welcome to Egretia! This is the home of Felix, the protagonist of his eponymous mystery series. Egretia is based on ancient Rome and a few other ancient […]