Need some pizzazz in your book marketing?

My Facebook author page is almost at 1,000 likes, so I thought it’s…

Time for a Giveaway.jpg

To help nudge the page over the 1,000 likes, I’m running a giveaway! I’ll create some marketing material, to help you promote your books. This can be straight up promo images, or a social media banner, or even an animated .gif. Whatever asset you feel will help you the most, when you talk about your book!

All you need to do is head over to THIS POST on Facebook, and:

  • Like the post
  • Like and follow my author page
  • Tag other authors (or anyone, really) who you think could use a little bit of sparkles

Tag one person per line. I’ll randomly draw the winners next week from amongst the comments – both the tagger and the taggee will get such images (as long as you liked my page 🙂



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