Posts specifically about my own books.

For those unaware, SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) is the indie equivalent of Thermopylae — 300 entrants and only one winner. It’s rough, brutal, and very prestigious. There are 10 blogs (some with multiple bloggers) judging 30 books each, and then the 10 finalists are judged with the help of Mark Lawrence for a single final […]

In case you missed the earthquake, I’m proud to announce that In Numina is now available! Paperbacks are already live, and eBooks are due September 1st! (You can preorder right now, and start reading over the weekend 😉 Above is the gorgeous cover. I is think it’s just the snazziest thing, perfectly continuing the theme of Togas, […]

As most of you know, I have my own publishing house – Purple Toga Publications. While it isn’t quite ready open its doors for general submissions, there are opportunities that one just cannot pass by. These past few weeks I have had the pleasure of playing publisher for another author. As with everything to do […]

I don’t often write dragons, but when I do – I publish them in an anthology. Well, yeah, OK, I also publish them here on the Short Stories section. In fact, Modern Dragon from the Short Stories section is also included in this new anthology. So to the point: I am honoured to announce the inclusion […]

So… I’ve (almost) finished my self-edits for In Numina. Time to start soliciting feedback. When can you get your hands on it? I still have some minor edits to do. The book will go through professional copy-editing and proofreading before publication (so expect typos and grammatical errors), but in between I need feedback on the […]