Aquae et Ignis – a new, free Felix novella is here!

Assaph Mehr - Aquae et IgnisI’m excited to announce that Aquae et Ignis, the brand new Felix novella is here!

It is a stand-alone novella in the Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic series, with Felix’s latest bizarre case. Though the events described are set between In Numina and In Victrix, it is a completely independent story. It makes for a perfect introduction to the series for new readers, and should entertain existing fans who love Felix’s wit and dark dealings.

Best of all, it’s completely free! Head on to the novella’s page, and grab yourself a copy!

(And, if you haven’t already, head over to Amazon and grab a copy of the novels – they’re on a $0.99 Kindle special this week!)

If you’re curious what that story is all about, here’s a teaser:

The year’s senior consul came back from military campaign stark raving mad. His co-consul doesn’t want to go down in history as the ‘year of the crazy consuls’ – but the physicians can’t find the problem.

One name comes highly recommended for solving nutty cases. In a true Felix fashion, this is a story of Lunacy and Piracy, of Exile and Ghosts!

This is a stand-alone novella of Togas, daggers, and Magic – for lovers of Ancient Rome, Murder Mysteries, and Urban Fantasy.

Just like all stories in the series, it’s built on three sacred elements: Togas (a Roman background), Daggers (a mystery), and Magic (an urban fantasy twist). Well, Felix doesn’t wear a toga in this one (nor does he land in the sewers), but there are definitely togate senators and mythological nasties all around.

And, like all the full-length novels, it has been through professional developmental editing, copy-editing, cover design, and typography. I’m enticing you with my best work here. You’ll feel right at home.

So why are you still here? Head on to the novella’s page, and grab yourself a copy!

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