If you want to order a signed and dedicated paperback of any of Assaph’s books, please fill out the below form. The books are shipped from Australia. Indicative pricing for Murder In Absentia, including postage costs:

Destination CountryMurder In AbsentiaIn NuminaBoth
USA & Canada35 AUD49 AUD62 AUD
UK & Europe39 AUD53 AUD66 AUD
Australia25 AUD28 AUD40 AUD
New Zealand33 AUD38 AUD50 AUD
Other countriesWe’ll check with the post office and let you know  

(Click the links to find out estimated exchange rate).

Why is it so complicated? Because if you’re such a dedicated fan that you’re ordering a signed paperback, we’re basically shipping it to you at cost. Murder In Absentia is just under 0.5 kg, so qualifies as a letter. Shipping In Numina costs more (damn that extra plot twist!), and as the longer page count tips the scale just past the 0.5 kg letter limit it goes as a parcel. Shipping both is still a 1 kg parcel, so you get to pay less (hint 😉).

Once you fill out the form, we’ll respond within 24-48 hours (check your spam folder if you don’t hear from us). We’ll confirm the details and send you a payment link via PayPal.