Welcome to this month’s Ancient Rome News column, where we survey the latest unearthing of Roman bones — and boners — that get armchair archaeologists inappropriately excited 😜 Prepare yourself for a collection of old bones (sadly inanimate), large boners (hilariously decorated), and double entendres from this Roman enthusiast, who’s been known to weave all […]

Those of you with a passing knowledge of this blog know that I write on occasion. I haven’t been writing nearly enough, life just got in the way over the past couple of years. Doesn’t mean I don’t plan to get back to it (for a reasonable value of “soon”), or that I don’t seek […]

It’s the time of the year when every Romanophile secretly wonders how they could celebrate Saturnalia, without looking like a weirdo to everyone who celebrates the more acceptable holidays of midwinter in these modern times. Well, fear no more! Here is a tongue-in-cheek list to help you crypto-Romanophiles celebrate the grandest of holidays, without looking […]

Every author gets this question: why do you write? Interview answers sometimes seem trite, but we also each ask ourselves that at times. Like those times when I actually write. Seems like it’s either fingers-flying-over-keyboard madly-cackling-about-to-be-arrested bouts, or the stare-listlessly-out-the-window and think “Why am I doing it to myself?” Well, here’s the (or at least, […]

A review of something other than books (for a change) but that is still intimately related to storytelling and storytellers. I’ve picked up a set of Rory’s Story Cubes (specifically, the orange “Original” set and the green “Voyages” set) a few years a ago as something to do with my daughters. This was before I […]

I was approached by the lovely Melissa of Literary Book Gifts regarding merchandising. This is an idea I have been toying around with for some time, and planned to address in time for the (impending!) release of In Numina. While ultimately my designs were not something that gelled with the Literary Book Gifts’ style, there was one decidedly […]

So… I was scrolling past the messages in one one my favourite Facebook groups – Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers – when what should I see? Someone. Created a meme. About. MY. BOOK!! And I don’t even know them… Years of trying to push my own memes on people, and finally I have fans who […]

As any one who had ever had to deal with with writers and authors knows, coffee is our life’s blood. We need it to function, to wake up the muses. And, again as anyone who’ve met and read blogs about indie authors know, we also tend to interview each other, challenge each other, and generally […]