I’m Not Dead! (Or, Tips to Becoming a Recluse Genius)

I owe you guys a bit of an update on how the whole “quitting my job so I could write” is progressing. I’m know many of you are keen for the next Felix case, and some might have noticed the lack of blog posts.

Well, wonder no more! I assure you it’s all part of a master to become a recluse genius — and not only am I providing you with an update, I’m also sharing some hot tips with you!

First, for those who haven’t read my new year’s post above re quitting, let me just clarify that it was a play on words. Not “quit my job in order to write (full time)”, but “quit my job (and starting a new one) therefore I could (find some time to) write”.

Ha ha, I’m a hoot, know.

Anyway, the reason behind it is that I can only write on the train commute to work (because “dad! dad! dad!“), and the new job at least gets my out of the working from home living in the office and on the train.

Obviously starting a new senior job is taxing. Add to that that we went through some extensive training during March. Wonderful for my professional career, but it was run out of the US, meaning I had to get up at 4am to do the courses. Following that, of course, was regular work, lots of coffee (oh, so much coffee!), and basically crashing by late afternoon. Anyway, I’m now a certified product manager and marketer, with only two modules away from being declared a certified product genius by one of the industry’s best known organisations — but that will be completed later in the year when the time-zone overlap is back to humane levels.

For now, I’m back to sleeping like a normal person and going to the office semi-regularly (albeit still only once or twice a week). That means more writing, at least a couple of solid hours each week to work on my novels. It’s not much, but it’s progress! I’ve finished editing the first act (scroll) of In Victrix, and Felix’s latest adventure is slowly, inexorably making its way towards the press. I just need to kill a few people*, that’s all.

(* Imaginary people, in case anyone in law enforcement is reading this.)

Being so busy had also left its mark on this blog. You may have noticed the lack of regular posts. I basically ran out of pipeline, had no time or energy to blog, and barely any time even to read. When I did read, it was to beta-read two works, so can’t blog about them either (at least not until they’re published). I did keep track of interesting trivia and ideas, though, so you’ll see some coming soon (ish. soon-ish).

Now, with work training being over and life getting into more of a rhythm, I hope to build all of that back: the writing habits, the blogging, the life of an author. I’ll work through my lists of trivia titbits and article ideas, and find some time in between to work them up into posts. It may be at a slower pace, but it’s coming.

A couple of writing-related things I did manage to squeeze, though, lead me to providing you with the following:

Tips to Becoming a Recluse Genius

Seems like the fact that I was busy with a new job to pay the bills didn’t make a big impression on Felix. He still wanted his name out there. So when I was invited on a couple of occasions to do author interviews, and Felix was whinging at me to work on marketing, I said “Fine. You go.”

And he did.

So just because I was busy, you can still regale yourself with Felix’s whinging humour as he gives advice to other characters about how to best work with author.

Cautionary note to fellow authors: You might want to censor this before your characters get on the bandwagon, and you have a mutiny on your hands.

Anyway, first was an interview by Jane Jago and EM Swift-Hook on their Working Title blog. This one is pure Felix as he answers such questions as “How do you deal with the misery heaped upon you, knowing it’s done for entertainment value?” and “How do you approach an author and secure an appearance in their books?

Read all about it here:


Side note: That post quotes from the Aquae et Ignis novella, which, if you haven’t read it yet, is freely available through here.

Then, when I had a little more spare time, Debbie Burke of the The Kill Zone was excited about the concept of The Protagonist Speaks. She wanted to find out about how I came up with it and how it’s going. Felix dragged me along, and while I answered about the blog mechanics for authors he gave his own unique perspective of what is like for a character to be interviewed on a ‘talk show’ style post…

That’s it for now. Hope you got a chuckle out Felix’s unique perspective — we all know he’s a different person, so he might as well work for his upkeep while I’m otherwise engaged! (And, for the authors out there, I do hope I haven’t caused any tension for your working relationships with your characters…)

While I’m getting back to editing (slowly but surely), and to blogging (might be every other week for a while), if you haven’t yet, you can find Felix also on the free short stories and the full length novels.

Videas lumen!


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