Media appearances, either by Felix or myself.

It appears I’ve appeared on national TV… Life is picking up! 🙂 This was all very exciting, not the least of which is because it was recorded at half past-midnight Australian time. I was quite happy with how coherent I still was… At least it was aired in more appropriate, viewer-friendly hours. So please, read […]

In case you missed the earthquake, I’m proud to announce that In Numina is now available! Paperbacks are already live, and eBooks are due September 1st! (You can preorder right now, and start reading over the weekend 😉 Above is the gorgeous cover. I is think it’s just the snazziest thing, perfectly continuing the theme of Togas, […]

Round-up of latest media appearances. Over at Working Title Blogspot, EM Swift-Hook and Jane Jago (whose novella I loved) granted me an interview. They asked only three questions, but ones that were completely outside the normal selection I see with author interviews: Q3: Who, outside of family and friends, would you most want to read […]

First, Felix gave an interview – or so he thought. He was invited to Tabi Slick’s ‘Interview with the Stars’ series. But it wasn’t a simple interview. Oh, no! Instead, Tabi dropped him into a murder mystery, and he had to resolve it on the spot… Tabi: You might be wondering what all this is […]

Some media appearances of late 🙂 I was interviewed by Bryan Aiello for his Origin: Stories on Creativity series. We had a really fun discussion about writing, history, creativity, and everything in between. Bryan is a wonderful host, and it a lively discussion: For those who prefer the written word, I was interviewed on Kelly […]