Who is that spotlight aimed at, anyway?

As most of you would know (at least, those on the mailing list), I’m very close to finishing the first draft of In Victrix. In fact, I just killed someone — someone who was there from the start, and I always knew had to die… Horribly, violently so.

It was a sheer bloodbath, and I could only get over it with Scotch and chocolates (comforts unfortunately missing in Ancient Rome). I wanted to Instagram a photo of the laptop and said emotional crutches, but my hands were shaking. (From writing. Shaking from writing. Not from the Scotch!)

Anyway, by way of honouring the living and the dead, I’d like to offer you two spotlights. Read on, for some spoiler-free fun and games (because there’s no way I’m telling who just died!) that will illuminate the state-of-feverish-mind of an author on his third novel.

First is an author interview with yours truly. Let’s just get it out of the way, shall we? I know you want to jump ahead to the people you care about (the characters, both living and dead), but Scott had some fun questions, and, well, I thought you might enjoy this little glimpse into my current writing philosophy:


Next order of business is a spotlight shined by Sybrina Durant. In order to provide unique content it wasn’t me who was interviewed, nor Felix. No, this time we sat with the most taciturn of support cast — Borax! Yep, my protagonist’s bodyguard shared some interesting (not to say compromising) insight on what goes behind the scenes!


If that has tickled your fancy, you should know that both of Felix’s novels are on a $0.99 Kindle special this week! Click the image below to cheat my publisher out of their margins!

(And if you already have them, check out my latest newsletter for heaps of other promotions — as far as books are concerned, this summer should never end!)

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