Links and trivia about Ancient Rome.

I’ve posted this image on Instagram with a short blurb, but thought the subject warrants more expansion. The coins feature the emperor Nero throughout his reign. Born in 37 CE, proclaimed emperor at 54 (aged just shy of seventeen) and overthrown in 68 at the age of thirty one, he’s probably one of the more […]

I’m a sucker for Roman-era fiction, so no surprises that I’d watch TV series set on the same background 🙂 What to expect The series follows the life of Livia Drusilla, Augustus’ wife and first empress of Rome. She was one of the most influential figures in politics and civic life of the early empire, […]

A while ago I wrote at length about Roman Footwear — which, I assure you, goes much beyond the traditional “sandal” ubiquitous in modern writing. While the post addressed how you’d wear street shoes on your way to a dinner party only to change into slippers once you got there, there were still a lot […]

I loved Saylor’s previous Roma and Empire novels (as well as his Gordianus series), so was naturally keen to read this latest installment. What to Expect A continuation of the Pinarii’s observation of Roman history, covering the period from Marcus Aurelius to Constantine the Great. Saylor has chosen an old patrician family, and has placed […]

A collection of Ancient Roman curios — including the most exciting and hilarious bit EVAR!! All of the items for today are actually around how life in Ancient Rome still survives today. We shall start with a few of the more mundane finds, and finish with grand finale that you must absolutely watch to believe […]