TV Shows and Podcasts!

It appears I’ve appeared on national TV… Life is picking up! 🙂

This was all very exciting, not the least of which is because it was recorded at half past-midnight Australian time. I was quite happy with how coherent I still was… At least it was aired in more appropriate, viewer-friendly hours.

So please, read on to see how an indie author is slowly-but-surely breaking in to the limelight and making it big*!

(* for some definition of big. Bigger than a quokka, at least).

First, though, before the national TV you’re all looking for, I’ve appeared on a few podcasts (vidcasts?) recently. These were hosted by YouTube channels dedicated to books and writing, but I find it fascinating how each host brings a completely new and fresh angle.

Here’s a quick interview with RG Long on the Epic Fantasy Podcast. A short 15 minutes to cover issues of culture in fantasy — from Ancient Rome to modern Alabama. Hint: Less alligators than expected.

Video below, but you can also find the audio-only version on:

As you listen you’ll note that when RG says the Land Down Under vs the Land Down South I couldn’t help but giggle. South of the Australian continent is Tasmania, and the colloquialism “Map of Tassie” means something he probably didn’t intend 😉

Next, EG Stone had a lighthearted, slightly longer interview about many things, from stolen towels to ancient horrors (they’re connected!), from the worst advice a newb author can receive to how to write and (hybrid) publish:

And, now, finally, a link to my TV appearance 🙂

Fairy Tale Access is a show dedicated to all things fantastical and paranormal. Denise-Marie is a great host, and had some interesting questions — not to say glorious feedback — about my books. It was interesting to see everything that went on set before the recording, and the level of professional production it got at the end.

(Those with detective skills amongst you, will note that I said at the preamble it was recorded past midnight — and yet I’m sitting here in what’s obviously the office at my job. Prizes raffled between those who guess correctly which weekend my home internet died.)

Anyway, watch it here. It’s not long, but should provide richly colourful material for fans of Felix (existing and prospective, I hope), and for budding authors looking at the steps between “1. Write book” and “3. Retire a millionaire”…

That’s it for now. Next time you’ll see me I expect to be on a red carpet at the premiere of Felix’s first feature film, starring Tom Hiddleston as Felix, Scarlett Johansson as Aemilia, and a Karl Urban as Borax…

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