I first heard about Up Pompeii when I reviewed Chelmsford 123, another favourite Roman-esque British sitcom, and someone recommended this show in response. What to expect A British sitcom dating from 1970, about events two millennia prior. The humour is a product of both time periods: a lot less politically correct then current tastes, but […]

It appears I’ve appeared on national TV… Life is picking up! 🙂 This was all very exciting, not the least of which is because it was recorded at half past-midnight Australian time. I was quite happy with how coherent I still was… At least it was aired in more appropriate, viewer-friendly hours. So please, read […]

Following my review of Chlemsford 123 (the greatest Roman-era sitcom of all times!) I found the more recent Plebs. Centered around the lives of (very) common people in 27 BCE Rome, it’s a nice little British sitcom with enough going on for it. What to Expect Set in Rome of 27 BC, two mates – […]

I’ve mentioned this TV series plenty of times, and I re-watch it every couple of years (yes, it’s that good). I’ve even put in some pop-references in my novels (an homage, not plagiarism 😜) So here’s a formal review, in case you needed encouragement to watch it. What to Expect Set in the year 123 […]