Media appearances, either by Felix or myself.

Yes, me again. But also Felix. Cause we all love Felix. He interviews better than me anyway. K. Caffee, a prolific author of epic fantasy and creator of the mischievous Pukah, runs a series where she interviews both the authors and their characters. The interviews are not done via prepared questions, but rather as an […]

Or rather, Gabrielle’s podcast with me 🙂 Gabrielle lived on three continents by the age of eight. She’d experienced the bustling bazaars of Pakistan, the serenity of Swiss mountain lakes, and the chaos of the immigration desk at the JFK airport. Perhaps that’s why she developed an appetite for the unusual and disorienting. Which neatly […]

UPDATE! The interview is now posted on YouTube for your enjoyment – and for a chance to win a signed copy of Murder In Absentia or an ebook copy of Anais’ latest release! See the interview and comment on YouTube with the answer to the trivia question posed in it 😄 Anaïs (of anaisbelieve fame) has […]

Another day, another interview 🙂 This one is courtesy of Ami Lutkus-Phillips, writing as Mackenzie Flohr. Here’s an excerpt: Question 5) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? Historically-accurate food. Well, mostly historically accurate. I love cooking and food in general, and that seeps into my writing. I enjoy tremendously researching old recipes, and integrating […]

Don’t get your hopes up – it’s not Felix… 😉😀 Christina Alexandra runs ‘speed dating’ style author interviews on her blog. These are quick and zany questions, to give you a different perspective about authors. It was quite fun to do: First, can you tell us a little something fun that’s not in your bio? […]

Dan Buri was kind enough to feature me on his blog (again). This time it’s with his series of Confessions of an Indie Author.  Dan is a lawyer in his day job (and an awesome author in his spare time), so getting people to confess must be handy ☺️ You can find it on YouTube here:

Over at Our Epic Worlds, a blog dedicated to fantasy world-building, M.L. Spencer was kind enough to interview me about creating the historical-fantasy world of Egretia. I got to answer a few questions about Felix and the magical world he lives in. Here’s a short extract: How does the landscape or geography of your world […]

Just a few words about the current work-in-progress, In Numina. If you’d like to learn more about Felix’s next big case – and this one is very much in the limelight – you should head over to Errin Krystal’s blog. Errin was kind enough to interview me, and instead of answering about Murder In Absentia as […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews, courtesy of Jesse Teller ☺ What character from your work frightens you, makes you feel dirty to write? I don’t often write people who are “evil” as such, or are truly psychopathic. Mostly I write people who end up at cross purposes to each other, and hence the tension. […]

As part of Virtual FantasyCon (that awesome event where Murder In Absentia received an unprecedented five awards ;-), we did a blog hunt. Since I ran two blogs, I participated twice – and gave Felix a chance to speak for himself in one. Of course, the bastard went ahead and started to curse me for […]