Live(ly) bickering with my protagonist!


UPDATE! The interview is now posted on YouTube for your enjoyment – and for a chance to win a signed copy of Murder In Absentia or an ebook copy of Anais’ latest release! See the interview and comment on YouTube with the answer to the trivia question posed in it 😄

Anaïs (of anaisbelieve fame) has invited me to talk books on her YouTube channel! Naturally she’s more interested in Felix (we all know who the fans like better), but we’ll both be there to talk Rome, mysteries, magic, and books.

And fish sauce. Let’s not forget about fish sauce.

So go to this YouTube live event, and leave any questions you may have to my or Felix in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer.

There will also be a live giveaway of a signed copy of either Murder In Absentia or of Anaïs’ The Weightless One!

Then tune in at 6pm Pacific Time on Monday, May 29th to watch us like – or any time later to watch the recording.

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