I’ve posted this image on Instagram with a short blurb, but thought the subject warrants more expansion. The coins feature the emperor Nero throughout his reign. Born in 37 CE, proclaimed emperor at 54 (aged just shy of seventeen) and overthrown in 68 at the age of thirty one, he’s probably one of the more […]

I’ve recently watched Uncharted, which has this Indiana Jones / National Treasure / Tomb Raider vibe to it. Rather unsurprising, given it’s based on a game (which I found out later). Anyway, it’s a fun little movie if you’re looking for something that is absolutely non-brain-taxing, like history, travel, and action, don’t mind the occasional […]

This week I’ll review two courses on food history, both by Prof Ken Albala and available on The Great Courses. The courses are complementary, and I’d recommend them to everyone who likes history, cuisines, and the involvement of both in literature. First, a few words about the lecturer. Ken Albala is a professor of history, […]

First, as a warm up, last October Archaeologists Discovered 20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins. It’s a unique find, in that the sarcophagi are very well preserved and are still entirely sealed. While I’m always the curious type, 2020 being what it is – may I suggest perhaps we shouldn’t open them? 😅 Seriously, though, read […]

Hello and welcome to antiquity! Tonight, for your edification and amusement, we collect a number of heretofore unheard and unseen mysteries, and attempt to unlock the secrets of the ages! Get ready to expand your mind from the comfort of your couch, as we delve into time itself. Pre-history Ever chewed gum in class and […]