Quirks? What do you mean, my quirks?

cropped-adobestock_105854379Another day, another interview 🙂

This one is courtesy of Ami Lutkus-Phillips, writing as Mackenzie Flohr. Here’s an excerpt:

Question 5) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Historically-accurate food. Well, mostly historically accurate. I love cooking and food in general, and that seeps into my writing. I enjoy tremendously researching old recipes, and integrating the dishes into the story. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a feast serving dishes of brain-and-jellyfish custard? Or buying fried dormice in honey and poppyseeds from a street stall? And let me assure you, that these are historically accurate dishes.

Then again, there are also some adjustments for the fantasy aspects of the world. One of my favourite scenes to write was just such a feast.

You can find the full interview here.


  1. Great interview. I loved your anwers.
    I write historical fantasy too and your answers about that (especially historical accuracy, in spite of fantasy) really resonated with me.
    Readers sometimes wonder why we should mix history (espeically heavily-researched history) with fantasy, doesn’t it sounds contradictory? I think fantasy has an inherent power of letting hidden things surface and so it applies to any setting. And if an author like history… what is he/she supposed to do, uh? 😉

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    1. It’s more than that. Fantasy is a form of speculative fiction. How can we ask “what if”, if we can’t first answer “what is/was”?

      BTW, I love historical fantasy (duh). If love to have you over at TheProtagonistSpeaks.com ☺️


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