Following the release of In Numina, there naturally came a spate of interviews and media appearances. From the usual questions about inspirations behind my writing, to an interview about me as a reader (and reviewer), and far out to an odd-ball interview with Felix my cat, they are all here for your edification and amusement. […]

Some media appearances of late 🙂 I was interviewed by Bryan Aiello for his Origin: Stories on Creativity series. We had a really fun discussion about writing, history, creativity, and everything in between. Bryan is a wonderful host, and it a lively discussion: For those who prefer the written word, I was interviewed on Kelly […]

Yes, me again. But also Felix. Cause we all love Felix. He interviews better than me anyway. K. Caffee, a prolific author of epic fantasy and creator of the mischievous Pukah, runs a series where she interviews both the authors and their characters. The interviews are not done via prepared questions, but rather as an […]

Another day, another interview 🙂 This one is courtesy of Ami Lutkus-Phillips, writing as Mackenzie Flohr. Here’s an excerpt: Question 5) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? Historically-accurate food. Well, mostly historically accurate. I love cooking and food in general, and that seeps into my writing. I enjoy tremendously researching old recipes, and integrating […]

Over at Our Epic Worlds, a blog dedicated to fantasy world-building, M.L. Spencer was kind enough to interview me about creating the historical-fantasy world of Egretia. I got to answer a few questions about Felix and the magical world he lives in. Here’s a short extract: How does the landscape or geography of your world […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews, courtesy of Jesse Teller ☺ What character from your work frightens you, makes you feel dirty to write? I don’t often write people who are “evil” as such, or are truly psychopathic. Mostly I write people who end up at cross purposes to each other, and hence the tension. […]

A collection of links to original interviews and media appearances from the past month. This round was particularly enjoyable, as each interview brought in new questions, and exposed new aspects to writing, history, research and my personal history.   Pagan Musings (Blog Talk Radio) – a podcast interview about anything and everything to do with […]

No, not Lady Gaga. Queen. The rock band. What’s wrong with this generation? Anyway. Radio is not dead. And to prove it, I was recently been on two radio shows! First is Jessie’s POV on 98K. Jessie runs a current affair show during the week, and a fairly-random-but-often-book-related show on weekends. Listen to interview here: (skip about 4 minutes […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews I have done for a while, courtesy of Amanda Blount. Head over to her blog for the full interview: Writer’s Wednesday: Murder in Absentia, Assaph Mehr This week, as promised, Writer’s Wednesday explores the careers and writing paths of two different Australian author’s. Assaph Mehr, author of Murder in Absentia, […]

So while I’m busy writing up his memoirs and doing promotions for them to spread the word, Felix seems to have done a runner on me. He knows perfectly well that I’m running a blog dedicated to character interviews, yet he run off and gave a guest post – with more details! – on a different […]