Radio Ga Ga

microphone-1003561_1920No, not Lady Gaga. Queen. The rock band. What’s wrong with this generation?


Radio is not dead. And to prove it, I was recently been on two radio shows!

First is Jessie’s POV on 98K. Jessie runs a current affair show during the week, and a fairly-random-but-often-book-related show on weekends.

Listen to interview here: (skip about 4 minutes of commercials…)

Jessie is funny and bubbly, and the interview is a lot of fun 🙂

The second interview was with Powers of Perception. We had some technical difficulties in the start (it was a live show, now pre-recorded), so skip about 6.5 minutes. Interview here:

Scott is a thought provoking interviewers, and had some astute questions about writing and publishing.

Go listen. Tell me what you think.

Next stop, movies 😉

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