Odd Media

microphone-1003561_1920Following the release of In Numina, there naturally came a spate of interviews and media appearances.

From the usual questions about inspirations behind my writing, to an interview about me as a reader (and reviewer), and far out to an odd-ball interview with Felix my cat, they are all here for your edification and amusement. Here’s your chance to catch up on the shenanigans!

I guess the point comes in every writer’s life: not me, not my characters — but my cat. Here is Felix (who’s at least six month older than the book one) talking about Felix (my very human protagonist):

Fantasy-Hive asked me about reading Fantasy, writing Fantasy, and being dragged into Fantasy. The interview felt like going down a rabbit hole:

A slice of Cake in a short and sweet interview, with my favourite real, yummy cake. No fish sauce in it, I promise!

Silver Beans Cafe have asked me about Writing and Inspiration:

The IndieView is a site dedicated to reviewing indie books. The interview was therefore focused on being a book reviewer:

(Though they have also graciously interviewed me an an author, which ended up being fairly comprehensive about the books, writing process, publishing, and a little about myself. You can find it here: http://www.theindieview.com/2018/12/16/indieview-with-assaph-mehr-author-of-in-numina/

So. Was there anything there to tickle your fancy? Learnt something new? Have you read In Numina yet? (or the free novella?) Left a review?!? Go on — keep clicking πŸ™‚

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