Bricks and Mortar

Some exciting news about real life, as well as reflections (because February).

First, another bookstore in Sydney is now carrying my books. Berkelouw Hornsby, part of the Berkelouw chain that has been around since 1812.

There is no denying the importance of brick-and-mortar bookshops. The ebooks share fluctuates and people are quick to cry the death of one or the other, but a more reasoned look will see that bookstores still serve an important role in readers’ buying habits. This is a step into getting into the chain proper, and into bigger chains in general.

More excitingly, I had a couple of speaking engagements (one upcoming, if you’d like to meet in person!)

However, before we move on, there’s another (online) Achievement Unlocked moment: Murder In Absentia has been selected for March reading by a book club!!

I’m very excited about this. Mike’s Playground and Book Club are reading Murder In Absentia during March. There’ll be discussions throughout, mostly concentrating on an event at the end. I’ve also placed the books (both) on a $0.99 special this week, so members can get them on the cheap.
If you ever wanted to read the book – here’s your perfect excuse! If you’ve read it – join the group and tell all members they absolutely need to participate this month! 😉
More details here:

Now back to the Brick & Mortar discussions…

The first was with the Hawkesbury River Writers group. They invited me to their end-of-year dinner in December, for words of wisdom and advice. (I know, right? But apparently writing two full novels, a novella, and a few shorts, as well as successfully publishing and marketing myself and other authors puts me ahead of the curve). We kept it informal, and most of the questions were about what happens after you write — i.e. on the business of publishing rather than the craft of writing. I stressed the importance of editors, and how to determine whether self-pubbing or traditional is best for you.

Next is a talk at Hornsby Library. This will be on March 29th, part of their ‘meet the author’ series. I’m keen to meet new and existing fans, and will talking about my Three-R’s: Reading, Writing, and Romans. I’ll be keeping it open-ended, addressing the crowd’s interest and questions at the time.

Entry is free, and you can see the details here:
If you’re in Sydney at the time, I’d love it if you could come say hi!

Together with the Writers of the Future honorable mention, it’s a pretty good start for the year. Making progress in terms of recognition, getting into bigger stores, and hitting the limelight — pretty nifty, if you ask me.

It comes at a good time too. February marks another ‘I’ on my cake (though I have much more grey hairs than the inebriated togate Roman to the left). It’s been a good year, and I’m looking forward to the next.

Until In Victrix comes out, videas lumen!

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