Interview Roundup and #Storyology talk!


A collection of links to original interviews and media appearances from the past month.

This round was particularly enjoyable, as each interview brought in new questions, and exposed new aspects to writing, history, research and my personal history.


Pagan Musings (Blog Talk Radio) – a podcast interview about anything and everything to do with writing history and fantasy:

Emma Hardcastle – where in I answer whether I’d like to switch places with Felix:!The-Author-Interviews-12-Assaph-MEHR/yoyx1/578e4ea80cf2fc65e320cea0

Cayce Berryman – on Historical Accuracy and Inaccuracy:

Ducky Smith (SciFi RoundTable) – on Italy, Food and Rome:


Storyology (upcoming!)

On other exciting news, I will be presenting in Storyology this year, the premier event for Australian journalists and storytellers!

I will be doing on of the lightning talks, on the importance of research in fiction. Think of it as a TED talk, in an event dedicated to telling stories. If you’re in Sydney next week, stop by – I’d love to catch up with you!

More details here:

Storyology - Assaph Mehr



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