A collection of links to original interviews and media appearances from the past month. This round was particularly enjoyable, as each interview brought in new questions, and exposed new aspects to writing, history, research and my personal history.   Pagan Musings (Blog Talk Radio) – a podcast interview about anything and everything to do with […]

This post will be of interest to both fellow authors and readers. EDIT: The post is continually updated, as I discover more info. Every week, almost every day, there are “events” taking place on Twitter that showcase author’s current work. Some are aimed at quoting a line from the Work In Progress, usually with a given theme; some […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews I have done for a while, courtesy of Amanda Blount. Head over to her blog for the full interview: Writer’s Wednesday: Murder in Absentia, Assaph Mehr This week, as promised, Writer’s Wednesday explores the careers and writing paths of two different Australian author’s. Assaph Mehr, author of Murder in Absentia, […]

Hi guys, I’m not entirely happy with the cover for Murder In Absentia, and have been thinking of getting a new one. I have been researching options that won’t bankrupt me, and have been thinking about Derek Murphy from CreativeIndie before (www.bookcovers.creativindie.com). By chance I found out that he runs a 12-day giveaway now! So […]

Unless you somehow missed it, I recently published my debut novel. For those who asked about how I did it, and as a sort of learning exercise, I recently wrote an article for Lifehacker about what it takes to become an author. You can read it in full here: www.lifehacker.com.au/2015/12/the-complete-guide-to-writing-your-first-novel/ While the article contains a lot of information, […]