Review of Catch the Moon, Mary by Wendy Waters


One of the joy of being an Indie Author, is discovering the works of fellow indies. These are books you are unlikely to find on the best-seller shelf at your local soulless mega-store. No. These are exceptional works with literary merit, books that will make you feel, expose you to new worlds and make you look at the horizon rather than at your feet.

I’ve previously reviewed Dan Buri’s Pieces Like Pottery. While Catch the Moon, Mary is quote different on the surface – paranormal aspects, angels, focus of music – there is a certain resemblance in the underlying themes of redemption and the astute observations on the human condition. Just goes to show, that a good paranormal fantasy can go far beyond vampires and sword fights.

Here is the full review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s 5 Stars,  if you haven’t guessed:

A unique tale of damaged people, music and redemption.

What to expect:
An inspiring story about a musician, facing her angels and demons. Waters has a clear yet delicate voice, writing highly evocative prose.

What I liked:
The writing does an amazing job of sympathising with the various characters, for all their flaws. No one is perfect nor completely evil; life is more complicated than this. I enjoyed the musical terms, and the novel contains many quotable moments, with astute observations about the human condition.

What to be aware of:
This is not paranormal romance, though on the surface it might appear to be. It is a story of a woman growing up, with a complicated life and inner demons. The prose is flowery at times, and peppered with descriptions of music.

I’ve mentioned quotable moments above, so I’ll leave you with some. You should really head off to Amazon now, and get a copy. You won’t regret it!

CTTM QuoteCTTM Quote 2

Like I said, there is plenty of great writing in there. Go get a copy now 🙂

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