alltwitter-twitter-bird-logo-white-on-blueThis post will be of interest to both fellow authors and readers.

EDIT: The post is continually updated, as I discover more info.

Every week, almost every day, there are “events” taking place on Twitter that showcase author’s current work. Some are aimed at quoting a line from the Work In Progress, usually with a given theme; some are mini challenges – writing a snippet in response to a prompt. All are quite engaging, and a great way to meet new people. For authors, it’s a chance to connect with fellow authors and readers, and for readers it’s a chance to discover new authors and get hooked into their writing.

I will list all the events I know of at the bottom. I’d like to say that I am currently also running #WIPJoy for In Numina. This is a set of 30 questions, and I tweet an answer in order each day of the month. For fans of Felix, it will give you a sneak peek to his next full-length adventure. Check this link – it will take you directly to the tweets!

(Normally the set of questions is published by @simmeringmind, every few months. I’ve missed doing it in June – so I’m just running the same questions in July. I’m sure you all would enjoy it just the same 🙂

Now for the list of weekly hashtag events. I participate in most, but not all, of these. Check it out on Twitter, and join the fun!

Note! Generally, links are not welcome in those events. The focus is on the writing, and in the space of a tweet. Occasionally you may have a line that’s just too good, but a bit too long to fit in a tweet. In  this case a pic with the quote is acceptable. Try Canva.com to create a nice image, but please do not over-do it!

Note 2! When searching in Twitter for the theme, use the hashtag and the host – and then don’t forget to switch the search from “top” to “live” tweets. I keep falling for posting things for last month’s prompts…

Anyway, here’s the master list!








Recurring Chats

Need to update this section a bit more fully…

Other interesting tags

There are also plenty of Twitter hashtag lists for authors, for all sorts of genre specific, audience reach, connecting to others and other such tags.


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