Murder In Absentia was added to Goodreads’ list for Indie Books Worth the Read. I was going to ask readers of this blog to go vote and push it into the top 10 – but I’m too late… It already is in the top five three!  🙂 However should you have a moment to spare and […]

This post will be of interest to both fellow authors and readers. EDIT: The post is continually updated, as I discover more info. Every week, almost every day, there are “events” taking place on Twitter that showcase author’s current work. Some are aimed at quoting a line from the Work In Progress, usually with a given theme; some […]

News Flash! This story has won an Honourable Mention in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest in 2018! Read here for more details. One never knows where inspiration will strike from. I am busy drafting In Numina, and by no means was I looking to work on another Felix project while in the midst […]

This article was originally posted on my Quora blog. I’m posting and summarising my experiences in writing and marketing my novels, both as notes to myself and as advice from the trenches for other budding authors. One of the worst aspects of becoming an author, is marketing your own book. I mean, if I was some kind […]