Another #AchievementUnlocked and Upcoming Events


First for the achievement: I’ve been the subject of an official press release! And not for getting arrested! 😀

This is part of my sponsorship of the UnDead Prom. You can read the full text of the press release here. And, if you live around California, I highly suggest you check out the UnDead Prom too! It’s looking like one very entertaining event.

And (if you haven’t read the press release yet), there will be a new Felix short mystery released on their newsletter… It will be published here on Halloween, but that way you get an early read.

Now for upcoming events:

October 8th – Indie Author Day

Join this Facebook event (or this group) to meet some exciting indie authors (and me). Plenty of new books to discover, and swag to snag. Every hour another author takes over, showcases their work, answers questions, and often runs giveaways.

October 9th to 16th – Virtual Fantasy Con

A convention dedicated to all things fantasy – from the comfort of your own WiFi! Running on Facebook as well, each day will be dedicated to a particular sub-genres. Sadly Historical Fantasy wasn’t a day (hey, I’m unique :P), so I will be making my appearance on a few other days:

You can also hang out on the Reader’s Corner in between. There will also be a blog hunt (I’m participating – and so is Felix! :), and many other events.

Full details on the Official Virtual Fantasy Con Site. The blog also contains author spotlights and character interviews (Felix was there!), so you can start scanning now for interesting books.

Nov 12th to 15th – Virtual Book Fair

The second one this year. The first fair was around March, and was an amazing event. Similar to the Fantasy Con, there will be days by genres (more than just fantasy though), with “booths” for authors. Plenty of reader interactions, contest, and prizes make it a great event. Join here.


So… in order to celebrate all these events, I will be running on giveaways all over the place. Both as part of the events, but also on Goodreads (there’s one running now!). AND, in case you don’t win a copy, I’ve also reduced the price of Murder In Absentia to $0.99 worldwide for the duration… Or you can contact me for a signed paperback 😉


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