Indie Books Worth the Read


Murder In Absentia was added to Goodreads’ list for Indie Books Worth the Read. I was going to ask readers of this blog to go vote and push it into the top 10 – but I’m too late…

It already is in the top five three!  🙂

However should you have a moment to spare and push it to #1, I’d be eternally grateful for that click!

And if you’re in a clicking mood… Circle of Books (a fun, book-lovers community in and of itself) is running their annual Rings of Honour awards. You can find it (and vote) here:

And, lastly for those with clicking fingers still not sprained, there are the PA Indie Book Awards on Facebook:

(Voting is done by ‘liking’ the comment with the authors’ names).

Whether you vote for Murder In Absentia or another indie book, I’d like to personally thank you. It is this kind of engagement and participation that drives the indie community, and keeps authors writing!


ps. There will be a Goodreads giveaway for Murder In Absentia next week. Make sure you shelve it, to get notifications about giveaways (and if you read it, please please please also add a review). A signed and dedicated paperback copy could be a perfect Xmas gift for yourself – or you can get ahead and get a personally dedicated copy if you can’t wait 😉

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