That’s it. It’s over. I’m done with it. Surely writing “The End” on yet another manuscript is the sweetest feeling ever 🙂 This one took a lot longer than Murder In Absentia. I blame the baby. I hope that as he grows up, I’ll get the next books finished quicker… So what’s next? And when […]

Murder In Absentia was added to Goodreads’ list for Indie Books Worth the Read. I was going to ask readers of this blog to go vote and push it into the top 10 – but I’m too late… It already is in the top five three!  🙂 However should you have a moment to spare and […]

I’m just moving house… In between all the packing, cleaning, and Ikea wizardry, most of my reading and writing has been limited to to-do lists. Most… because I did manage to finish a new Felix short story! This one has been lying in my WIP pile for quite a while. It’s a bit darker than […]

A collection of links to original interviews and media appearances from the past month. This round was particularly enjoyable, as each interview brought in new questions, and exposed new aspects to writing, history, research and my personal history.   Pagan Musings (Blog Talk Radio) – a podcast interview about anything and everything to do with […]

This is going to be particularly amusing for those who have read Murder In Absentia or the short stories… I was dealing with a bit of a block last week. So decided I’ll just write. Doesn’t matter if it’s crap, but just write something. Anything. Advance the plot or go sideways, just do it. So… […]

As mentioned in my previous post, I participate in a lot of Twitter events. As chance would have it, this Friday’s #FictFri challenge was about ‘Fortune‘… I laughed so hard! ‘Felix’ in Latin means ‘lucky’. He often makes comments about his love/terror/awe relationship with the goddess Fortuna. So if you’re in the mood for some laughs, […]

This article was originally posted on my Quora blog. I’m posting and summarising my experiences in writing and marketing my novels, both as notes to myself and as advice from the trenches for other budding authors. One of the worst aspects of becoming an author, is marketing your own book. I mean, if I was some kind […]