I’m not dead!

I’m just moving house…

In between all the packing, cleaning, and Ikea wizardry, most of my reading and writing has been limited to to-do lists. Most… because I did manage to finish a new Felix short story! This one has been lying in my WIP pile for quite a while. It’s a bit darker than usual, and is – without a doubt – the strangest case Felix has ever had to deal with!

It will be published here on October 31 (hint hint). If you can’t wait, it will be published on the newsletter for UnDeadProm.com soon. I suggest you check out that event in general: it’s promising to be a great night of mystery and mayhem. And, as a bonus, the prom Queen & King will receive a signed copy of Murder In Absentia 🙂

I am also participating in the September edition of #WIPJoy on Twitter. Head on to this link, and get a daily dose of my work-in-progress on In Numina. Thankfully, the tweets can be scheduled in advance, so the house move will not impact my participation (only, y’know, my actual writing of the novel).

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this cartoon, something that all my writing friends will appreciate!


So until next time, enjoy the short stories or grab a copy of Murder In Absentia if you haven’t already. Once the dust settles on this house move, I will have a great environment in which to finish In Numina as quick as can be!

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