Happy mid-winter (mid-summer) to all! While northern-hemispherers are stuffing themselves with last harvest’s preserves, and sourthern-hemispherers are chucking another shrimp on the barbie in the languid heat, I thought I’d offer a review of the year that passed and the year to come, at least as it pertains to Felix and his adventures. I started […]

This is a different style of creative writing, hopefully reminiscent of Gerald Durrell (whose books I admired as a child). As some of you may know, we have recently moved houses. The new place is wonderful, with a large backyard that has a creek running through it. You can see it in the background in the […]

I’m just moving house… In between all the packing, cleaning, and Ikea wizardry, most of my reading and writing has been limited to to-do lists. Most… because I did manage to finish a new Felix short story! This one has been lying in my WIP pile for quite a while. It’s a bit darker than […]

I get asked often about the research I do for my novels. Even when I’m not asked, I volunteer information… Besides reading proper history books (mostly by modern historians, but the occasional translated original source as well), I particularly like what might be termed “experimental archaeology”. These are people with a keen interest, that review […]