Speed dating

Don’t get your hopes up – it’s not Felix… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€

Christina Alexandra runs ‘speed dating’ style author interviews on her blog. These are quick and zany questions, to give you a different perspective about authors. It was quite fun to do:

First, can you tell us a little something fun that’s not in your bio?

Looking for some inside gossip? I used to play LARP (live action role-playing). One of my favourite memories was playing a ghost (as part of the plot). This was way back in Israel, and we played next to an old ruined fort (the high walls were Ottoman, but like everywhere else in Israel you can dig down through the ages, through Roman paving down to an Egyptian settlement).

It was a great fun to play fantasy at night, next to a real fort, scaring other players silly. However, let me tell you, rubbing white clown make-up out of your eyelids at 3am with harsh laundry stain remover is not as fun as it sounds.

You can find the full interview here: http://www.christinaalexandra.net/assaph-mehr/

On another note, three more lovely reviews for Murder In Absentia have been seen popping up on Amazon, since I posted last week. Getting close to 100 reviews! Celebrations are being planned ☺️

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