Media appearances, either by Felix or myself.

A lot of you know that besides writing, I also run a blog dedicated to  character interviews. So what does my own protagonist, the one I am slaving away and writing his memoirs, do? The bastard runs away and gives an interview on another site… You can read what he had to say on Zora […]

A collection of links to original interviews and media appearances from the past month. This round was particularly enjoyable, as each interview brought in new questions, and exposed new aspects to writing, history, research and my personal history.   Pagan Musings (Blog Talk Radio) – a podcast interview about anything and everything to do with […]

No, not Lady Gaga. Queen. The rock band. What’s wrong with this generation? Anyway. Radio is not dead. And to prove it, I was recently been on two radio shows! First is Jessie’s POV on 98K. Jessie runs a current affair show during the week, and a fairly-random-but-often-book-related show on weekends. Listen to interview here: (skip about 4 minutes […]

No, I haven’t started podcasting. However Murder In Absentia is starting to appear in more and more podcasts around the, err, not ether but Internet. The first one was by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy a few weeks ago. Then came Brian Basham with Night Reads, reading aloud the first chapter of Murder In Absentia. The latest podcast […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews I have done for a while, courtesy of Amanda Blount. Head over to her blog for the full interview: Writer’s Wednesday: Murder in Absentia, Assaph Mehr This week, as promised, Writer’s Wednesday explores the careers and writing paths of two different Australian author’s. Assaph Mehr, author of Murder in Absentia, […]

Catching the public’s eye and directing it to your book is hard. The favourite past-time for authors is interviewing each other. Makes us all feel a little bit like celebrities I guess, in the hope that the public will buy into it. It’s also great with procrastinating actually writing your next novel 😉 We’re all […]

Two interview thingies (that’s a technical term): First, an interview with me by fellow author Martin Wisely. If you ever wondered what lies behind the official blurbs, check this out: Second, for those who do not know, I also run a blog dedicated to interviewing characters out of book. Yep, the characters. It’s a great […]