No, I haven’t started podcasting. However Murder In Absentia is starting to appear in more and more podcasts around the, err, not ether but Internet.

The first one was by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy a few weeks ago.

Then came Brian Basham with Night Reads, reading aloud the first chapter of Murder In Absentia.

The latest podcast (which I am a bit late in posting) is from the guys at The Square Groot. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Some highlights:

The writing is very tight and good.

One of the things done well is the magic. It’s really cool, and rare to see in fantasy magic not done as a trope. The magic in this book was done really well.

The world-building was really good, it painted the life in ancient Rome. Really strong writing.

Despite my personal tastes not leaning to first-person nor ancient Rome, the story-telling was good, the writing very tight. It fulfils exactly what it sets to do, describe the mystery case.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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