The things we do for book promotions

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Catching the public’s eye and directing it to your book is hard. The favourite past-time for authors is interviewing each other. Makes us all feel a little bit like celebrities I guess, in the hope that the public will buy into it. It’s also great with procrastinating actually writing your next novel 😉

We’re all participating in this, all hoping to reach a larger audience, all hoping that it will generate sales and drive more fans. Like anything with advertising and branding, it’s about constant exposure.

I haven’t had any one throw their bra on me yet (nor do I want that, just to clarify!), but here is the latest effort – an interview with a fellow Aussie mystery crime novelist:

… and one with a fellow fantasy author:

Do go and check them out (different sets of questions, I promise!). Each click will make at least two people happy. Your good deed of the day quota achieved.

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