That annoying bastard!

SM - Minis 1 - CopyA lot of you know that besides writing, I also run a blog dedicated to  character interviews. So what does my own protagonist, the one I am slaving away and writing his memoirs, do? The bastard runs away and gives an interview on another site…

You can read what he had to say on Zora Marie’s blog:

Of course, once I tracked him down, I couldn’t let him out-do me. So Zora has kindly published another interview, this time with me:

Who says authors are all sane? I blame the pumpkins.

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  1. Excellent interviews, witty, insightful (squid-on-a-stick). Yes, I meant that for both Felix and his scribe. Felix, you will be happy to know, I finished reading all the short stories and have started Murder In Absentia. As your wise scribe once said, this is the best coffee money spent ever, on something other than coffee.


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