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Welcome to Egretia!

This is the home of Felix, the protagonist of his eponymous mystery series. Egretia is based on ancient Rome and a few other ancient cities, in an attempt to examine the question of what if magic was real?

Though not a fully trained wizard nor traditional detective, Felix knows a little about magic – and uses this knowledge to solve his customers unique problems.

You can read a few of Felix’s short adventures on the short stories on this site, or his longer adventures in the book series. If you’re a lover of Ancient Rome, Detective Mysteries and Fantasy, you’re bound to enjoy these stories!


Below are links to some more information about Felix and about Assaph. They have been known to have some public debates, as it seems Felix thinks Assaph should pay him more for his memoirs. If you’re just skimming for the Scavenger Hunt, the number is 13.

The original interview with Felix (well, the expanded original one) is on A more recent one is on Zora Marie’s blog. Not to be out-done by his characters, Assaph has also been seen out in the media. He rebutted Felix allegations on Zora Marie’s, has appeared on E. Rachael Harcastle’s blog twice (one and two), and has several radio appearances (which you can find linked throughout his blog).

Lastly, Murder In Absentia has been placed on a $0.99 special throughout the Virtual Book Fair (and in celebration of the amazing 5 awards it received at Virtual FantasyCon in October). You can get in on Amazon. (Dedicated fans have also been known to get signed and dedicated paperback copies directly from our swag store 😉 ).


Feel free to comment on this post, or interact with Assaph (and Felix) on Twitter and Facebook. Head on to the event’s main pages to find out about other lovely indie authors! (links at the very top.)




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