In case you missed the earthquake, I’m proud to announce that In Numina is now available! Paperbacks are already live, and eBooks are due September 1st! (You can preorder right now, and start reading over the weekend 😉 Above is the gorgeous cover. I is think it’s just the snazziest thing, perfectly continuing the theme of Togas, […]

Yes, me again. But also Felix. Cause we all love Felix. He interviews better than me anyway. K. Caffee, a prolific author of epic fantasy and creator of the mischievous Pukah, runs a series where she interviews both the authors and their characters. The interviews are not done via prepared questions, but rather as an […]

One of the more enjoyable interviews, courtesy of Jesse Teller ☺ What character from your work frightens you, makes you feel dirty to write? I don’t often write people who are “evil” as such, or are truly psychopathic. Mostly I write people who end up at cross purposes to each other, and hence the tension. […]

A lot of you know that besides writing, I also run a blog dedicated to  character interviews. So what does my own protagonist, the one I am slaving away and writing his memoirs, do? The bastard runs away and gives an interview on another site… You can read what he had to say on Zora […]