Interviews and Excerpts


Round-up of latest media appearances.

Over at Working Title Blogspot, EM Swift-Hook and Jane Jago (whose novella I loved) granted me an interview. They asked only three questions, but ones that were completely outside the normal selection I see with author interviews:

Q3: Who, outside of family and friends, would you most want to read and enjoy your books?


Ruth Downie, author of the Medicus Roman Mysteries starring Gaius Petreius Russo, was also very supportive. When Felix needed a medic in my upcoming novel, I borrowed Ruso – with Ms Downie’s permission!


Full interview here. Speaking on Felix needing a medic in the WIP, the same blog also hosted an excerpt from In Numina. Find it here.

Another interview was with Booknvolume, a blog run by Cynthia Morgan. Questions were about blogging, writing – and then downright personal…

Share an insight or secret about your book(s).

I mentioned that there is an emotional arc across several books, even though each is an independent mystery. I have this planned across four novels at the moment. The point where the current work-in-progress (book two) ends – well, I am expecting a few death threats from the dedicated Felix fans.

Find the full interview here.

Another interview, posted some time ago but regretfully neglected by me, was with Nick Bagrationi. I think his main aim was to get his hands on any information he could about In Numina, seeing as he was so eager to get his hands on the the next Felix mystery after Murder In Absentia.

How do you feel about [In Numina] being released?

Excited! And scared. Excited for obvious reasons, as this the culmination of a long project. It’s my second full-length novel. Scared, because there is always the gnawing doubt about “what if it’s not as good as my previous novel?” – I’d like to think that I grew in my craft as an author, and can match the great reception that Murder In Absentia has received.

You can find the full interview here.

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