A New breed of Dragons!

Promo - Dreamtime Dragons2

I don’t often write dragons, but when I do – I publish them in an anthology.

Well, yeah, OK, I also publish them here on the Short Stories section. In fact, Modern Dragon from the Short Stories section is also included in this new anthology. So to the point: I am honoured to announce the inclusion of two of my short stories in the new Dreamtime Dragons anthology. In addition to the above, I have written a brand new short, titled The View from The Other Side, which is only published in the anthology.

There are, of course, eleven other, highly-talented, fantasy authors who contributed to the anthology. They are friends and acquaintances in the indie author community, with established credentials in twisting (twisted?) fantasy. I won’t pretend to measure up – you’ll just find my modest contributions sandwiched between their brilliant works.

So, about this short story. Does it feature Felix? Nope. Does it involve my zany, crazy humour, which I can’t quite put in a serious novel? You betcha. Will I ever publish it here? Who knows! Better not risk it, and head straight to get your copy!

Nice video, eh? I do create them for fun and profit, when I have something to promote. Speaking of which, why are you still reading this? Hurry and order your copy Dreamtime Dragons, so you get it before Xmas New YEars Eve! All proceeds go charity, so double the whammy in seasonal good vibes.

(I got delayed in posting this – but NYE is just as good as Xmas, and you still deserve a pressie 😉 )


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