Book Marketing 2.0

A few weeks ago I ran a Facebook giveaway for marketing material – images to help authors put some pizzazz in their book marketing efforts. It gotten quite a  response (particularly the later analysis of results), so I thought you’d all appreciate seeing what the fuss is about.

Here are a few different ways in which your book can grab attention, in the endless scrolling of social media walls.

First is Philipp J. Kessler’s Backfire:

Phillip Kessler - Backfire

This just is the animation, but Philipp has a copy with a fiery sound track as well.

Next is Erin Michelle Sky. Though her name didn’t come up in the random draw, she is a wonderful person all around. Her book, The Intuitives, has just been released. So to help her and her co-author Steven Brown in the launch, I made them this:

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Unrelated to the giveaway, I’ve done other animations. When Anaïs Chartschenko relaunched her poetry book Bright Needles, I made this for her:

Bright-Needles - optimised

She is also an incredibly talented musician, so I left the sound track to her. I also helped her with the interior paperback layout – and I think she quite liked the result

And, of course, for my own Murder In Absentia, I have animated the cover itself, to a rather hair-raising effect:


So what do you think? Would seeing such dynamic animations catch your attention? Would it catch the attention of your target audience?

Do you want some for your own books?


  1. The backfire animation is outstanding. How do you post these animations on Facebook? As video? Or do you have the secret to posting GIFs on FB?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ☺️
      I produce both gifs and videos with sound. Both can be uploaded directly to FB, and gifs can be uploaded to Giphy and linked.
      Different networks have different autoplay set ups, but you can play around with options.


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