Special Announcement: OMG!

For those unaware, SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) is the indie equivalent of Thermopylae — 300 entrants and only one winner. It’s rough, brutal, and very prestigious.

There are 10 blogs (some with multiple bloggers) judging 30 books each, and then the 10 finalists are judged with the help of Mark Lawrence for a single final winner.

Brutal, like I said.

Last night Zack Pike (who won last year’s SPFBO, and very well deservedly so!) announced his semi-finalists on Booknest. And guess which book he likes best? You guessed it — In Numina!

You can read his official announcement (with hilarious mini-blurbs) here: http://booknest.eu/reviews/spfbo/1712-spfbo-2019-phase-1-third-booknest-semifinalist

And his full review of In Numina here: http://booknest.eu/reviews/spfbo/1707-in-numina-stories-of-togas-daggers-and-magic-2

The next step, of course, is for Booknest to decide on their final winner. That will be by Petros, who also helps Mark Lawrence organise the whole contest.

I’m feeling ecstatic. Yes, there is still plenty of context. First are the 9 other Booknest semi-finalists, and then there are the finalists. In Numina, as Pike says, isn’t quite the usual fantasy romp so may not be a natural pick.

Still, it’s a significant achievement, especially considering Pike’s record and critical eye. I know other Booknest reviewers have also liked In Numina (see CT Phipps review). And they also ran an interview with me, which you can find here: http://booknest.eu/component/k2/spfbo/1714-interview-with-spfbo-author-assaph-mehr — so here’s hoping!


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