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Welcome to the Historical-Fantasy-Mystery world of Egretia!

Allow me to first introduce my stories and then myself. Stick with me, and there’s a giveaway for you 🙂

Murder In Absentia is a story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic. It draws on my three main loves in fiction: ancient Rome, detectives, and Fantasy. It is the story I always wanted to read.
Cover with 5 Awards

The debut novel tells the story of Felix, a small-time detective specialising in occult cases. In his own words: “Purloined jewellery, missing persons, cheating spouses were what paid for my bread and fish sauce. The occasional debunking of charlatans, confirmation of ancient scrolls, and even, rarely, a real magical ring were what would one day fill my memoirs.”

This time he gets called in on a case that needs to be kept hushed from the authorities – a case that seems well over his head…

Since publishing Murder In Absentia, I have published a few short stories with Felix. These are small cases, his regular fare, which serve both as introduction to his world and as a diversion for me when I am working on the editing / publication phase of novels. You can find them free on my blog here.

As for me, I has been a bibliophile since he learnt to read at the age of five, and a Romanophile ever since I first got his hands on Asterix. I’ve had my nose in a book as far as I can remember.

After years of reading classic Sci Fi and Fantasy, detective stories and mysteries, and – recently – a lot of historical detectives set in Rome, such as those by Lindsey Davis, Steven Saylor and Ruth Downie, I sat down one night and started to write. I haven’t stopped since.

In order to introduce you to my main protagonist – Felix – and my writing, I thought I’d start with a few of my favourite quotes.

This one is from the opening chapter of Murder In Absentia:

This one Felix said to me once, and I loved it so much I wrote TWO unrelated short stories opening with it 🙂

The first story is an homage to two of my favourite authors, called New Directions.
The second is a tiny flash, unrelated fiction called Lessons Learnt.

The next two quotes show Felix’s usual cynical and dead-pan humour…

The last quote I will leave you with is out of the current work-in-progress, titled In Numina. Yet again Felix finds himself embroiled in some truly bizarre circumstances…

Now, if you made it down so far… I would like to give you something 🙂

Allow me first to just mention a few awards that Murder In Absentia has received.

First, it received an unprecedented FIVE awards at Virtual FantasyCon 2016! That was back in October, and made it the best “first birthday” present to the book. I was as chuffed as any father would be 🙂

The second honour, is that it was voted as the #1 Indie Book Worth The Read, on Goodread’s Listopia!

Now for the giveaway!

All you have to do is subscribe to the site via email (see the Follow link at the bottom), and comment on this post. I will raffle several paperback and ebook copies amongst all new subscribers (and old subscribers) who comment here.
And if you can’t wait, I’ve placed Murder In Absentia on a $0.99 special on Amazon up through April 10th. Better hurry!
Until then, why don’t you read some of the free short stories (a perfect introduction to Felix and his world), or find out about the research I do for the books (lots and lots and lots), or talk about writing and book marketing, or even speak directly to Felix himself!

I’d love to hear from you, so just feel free to contact me! Just comment here, or just ping me on any of the major social networks:  @assaphmehr on Twitter, my Facebook author page, Instagram, or Goodreads.


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