Yeah, I know, Sci-Fi isn’t a typical subject of this blog. But I do occasionally read Sci-Fi… and even help publish it. my good friend Eric Klein’s The One (which I previously loved and reviewed) is participating in a 20-book bundle that’s just too good not to pass along! The Space Adventure Book Bundle! From […]

This is a real-life-inspired, near-future science-fiction(ish) flash fiction I wrote recently. I find it poignant to our modern existence, especially after my own social-media-detox last year. Mailing list subscribers got a chance to read it already, but for those who missed it here it is for your edification and consideration. Megan had a problem. Automatic […]

As most of you know, I have my own publishing house – Purple Toga Publications. While it isn’t quite ready open its doors for general submissions, there are opportunities that one just cannot pass by. These past few weeks I have had the pleasure of playing publisher for another author. As with everything to do […]