Quora Top Writer


Quora is an amazing site of questions and answers. Unlike a few other I can name, the quality of the community and the responses is amazing. University professors, astronauts, artist and people from all walks of life make it – and keep it – at a very high quality of answers.

As of yesterday, I have a nice red-quill logo next to my profile on Quora. I have been honoured in being included in the Top Writers program for 2016.

What does that mean?

Well, it’s clearly a sign that I’m on my way to rich and fame.

Or not. In reality, it’s a recognition of the contributions I made over the past year to Quora. There are two main areas in which I am particularly active: Martial Arts and Ancient Rome, as well as a few others (Israel, Australia, Judaism, Atheism, Evolution – random stuff).

Neither should surprise those who know me. Martial Arts have always been a favourite subject, and probably my first involvement with Quora a few years back.

On the subject of Rome I have been very active during 2015 as I was writing Murder In Absentia. It was part of my research process. I found questions I had a bit of knowledge about, and took the opportunity to do more research and validate my knowledge before answering. This led to both quality answers (as evidenced, I think, by the TW nomination), and to a better understanding of Roman social mechanics – and a better novel as a result.

I am deeply honoured by this recognition.

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