Later this year (October 9th to 16th) one of my favourite Facebook groups, Flavour of Fantasy, for Indie authors will be hosting a Virtual Fantasy Con. “What is a virtual con?” I hear you ask. I’m glad you asked.

A virtual convention is exactly like a regular convention, except it is free, you don’t have to travel, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have a wi-fi connection. It takes place over a span of eight days in Facebook events, allowing members of the Fantasy community to connect with Fantasy fans from around the world.

There will be days dedicated to various sub-flavours of speculative fiction, from Sword and Sorcery to Science Fiction, from Children’s to Horror. There will also be a lot of activities on the days, with many prizes and giveaways. It’s a really cool concept, allowing fans to discover some great indie SFF authors.

As part of preparations for the con, the team running it is hosting interviews with both authors and characters. Naturally Felix and I participated… However unlike many other interviews, we did this one together 🙂

This one was a fun one to do! Speaking in two voices and arguing with myself… Take a look for yourself!


And after you’ve read it, make sure you register for the event! You are guaranteed to discover some new exciting SFF authors and books.

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