The effects of not enough coffee

murderinabsentia-promoAs any one who had ever had to deal with with writers and authors knows, coffee is our life’s blood. We need it to function, to wake up the muses.

And, again as anyone who’ve met and read blogs about indie authors know, we also tend to interview each other, challenge each other, and generally feature other authors on or blogs.

Occasionally such things come at just the right time, and with just the right amount of caffeine in our blood, for magic to happen!

One such request can from Lo-arna Green, and was originally published on her blog. I give you – Murder In Absentia in Limerick Form!

There once was a man named Felix,
Who practised all kinds of Magics.
He was hired to find
A murderer of a kind
That normally causes much hysterics.

He poked around discreetly,
But did so rather persistently,
He looked around
Where clues might be found
Until his resolved things quite ingeniously!


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