Ancient Ruins

As some may know, we’ve recently visited Israel. While this was mostly about visiting family and friends, we did get to tour around a bit. Here, for example, we visited my favourite fort:

2017-04-11 04.33.08

I’ve posted a lot of images on my Instagram feed. More importantly, each image comes with its own little story, and why it’s relevant to me and my writing of Felix’s historical-fantasy mysteries. If you’re curious about my humble photography and writing, I suggest you visit my Instagram profile, and read through the notes as well.

I will no doubt be posting more, now that I have the time to sort through the pictures. Below are just a few samples, to whet your appetite.

Old city of Jaffa:

Sunset over the Mediterranean:

The remains of the port at Caesarea Maritima. (Follow the Wikipedia link for some stunning aerial photos!)

Open-air markets:

Hope you enjoyed the pics! More on Instagram and even more are coming 🙂


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